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November 5 2015

Cars aren't the only things that Google machines are learning to drive. During their 3Q earnings call Google revealed that their third most important ranking signal is delivered by something called "RankBrain", an artificially intelligent machine learning system more...

A new family member

Oct 15 2015

Two highly promising digital marketing tactics have found impressive new homes. Facebook has announced “lead ads” which eliminate the need for a landing page and, most importantly, the user challenge of filling out a form on a mobile device (which Facebook says are 38.5% more time consuming compared to desktop versions) more...

Facebook Lead Ads/Google Customer Match

Jun 4 2015

Pinterest is second to Facebook in the generation of social referral traffic; Twitter is a distant third and no network can match Pinterest as a service that people use to find things that they like. Those are just two reasons why this week's announcement of a Pinterest 'Buy It' button has earned so much attention more...

June 4 Pinterest Buy Button

May 29 2015

“The first billion users of the Internet came online through desktops. The next billion are taking a different path to computing” is the rationale that Google offered for a number of projects announced or previewed yesterday more...

Lessons of Google I/O

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