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Jun 4 2015

Pinterest is second to Facebook in the generation of social referral traffic; Twitter is a distant third and no network can match Pinterest as a service that people use to find things that they like. Those are just two reasons why this week's announcement of a Pinterest 'Buy It' button has earned so much attention more...

June 4 Pinterest Buy Button

May 29 2015

“The first billion users of the Internet came online through desktops. The next billion are taking a different path to computing” is the rationale that Google offered for a number of projects announced or previewed yesterday more...

Lessons of Google I/O

May 8 2015

Google+ made a rare addition to the social media scene this week when they announced Google+ Connections, described as “a new way to group your posts by topic” more...

Google+ Collections

April 9 2015

Google rarely (or never) provides advanced notice of an algorithm change but the upcoming April 21 'mobile friendly' update is different. more...

Apr 9Mobile Friendly Deadline

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