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Collective Wisdom:    Some expert thinking on five social media questions as we enter the first decade

...and some last bits of advice to take with you as we enter the first social decade....

...and some last bits of advice to take with you as we enter the first social decade...

Visit Jacob Morgan's blog
Jacob Morgan
Chess Media Group
Social Media Globetrotter
Stop looking at social media as a series of tools and instead focus on the underlying strategies that are needed to make everything possible. Remember that social media can be used to collaborate externally; meaning brand to consumer, or internally; meaning within the company or what is commonly referred to as Enterprise 2.0. Successful practitioners are going to have to have a solid business background and a scalable team to make this happen. This is business.

Visit Jake Hird's blog
Jake Hird
We've only just seen the tip of the iceberg... exciting times lie ahead and 2010 will be no exception!

Visit Bernie Borges's blog
Bernie Borges
Find and Convert
Find and Convert Blog
Marketers need to understand that we are in a period in history that is still in transition. The sooner marketers understand that their buyers want to engage with them the same way these marketers want to engage. No one wants to be insulted by advertisers anymore. Buyers want to talk each other and consume content. Marketers who don't get that are at risk of losing market share at best and going out of business at worst.

Visit Mirna Bard's blog
Mirna Bard
Personal Blog
Have a plan! I cannot emphasize this enough. A strategy will have more sustainable than just jumping onto social media with no direction.

Visit Alexandra Samuel's blog
Alexandra Samuel
Social Signal
Alexandra Samuel
This is a good time to think about whether your work and passions are driven by marketing, or by social media -- because the two fields are going to diverge, especially on the leading edge. If you are first and foremost a marketing junkie, you need to think about how to integrate social media with other marketing channels, and build relationships with people who are working on other aspects of social media in the enterprise (collaboration, innovation, change management) so you can develop an integrated, durable approach. And if you've fallen in love with social media, it's time to start broadening your perspective so YOU can be that integrator who brings together the full range of expertise.

Visit Larry Brauner's blog
Larry Brauner
Larry Brauner
Online Social Networking
While certain social media, such as blogs and Facebook pages, will have broad application this year, focus on objectives and paradigms before selecting the sites and techniques you will use.

Visit Kevin Gibbons's blog
Kevin Gibbons
If you're using social media in 2009; carry on doing more of the same in 2010! The first step is to be aware of what people are saying about your brand online, many companies miss this when you can gain so much valuable and honest information from your own customers. But definitely give social media a chance, many sites such as Twitter can take a while to get used to - but once you've got the hang of it there's tons of great information out there and it can be a very powerful tool for building a strong reputation online.

Visit Cameron Chapman's blog
Cameron Chapman
Cameron Chapman on Writing
Social media is a conversation. Be responsive to your customers whether they're saying something positive or negative. Offering to help if a customer has a negative experience can go a very long way to making things better. And make sure you have a presence on sites like Twitter or Facebook, where people may be talking about your company. Respond on the channels your customers frequent to improve your company's overall image.

Visit Lisa Barone's blog
Lisa Barone
Outspoken Media
Outspoken Media blog
Stop focusing on the numbers. Social media isn't a numbers game. You don't need 10,000 followers, you just need the group you do have to be engaged and passionate about your brand. Focus on giving them something to be passionate about and rally behind. That's where the magic will happen.

Visit Kelsey Childress's blog
Kelsey Childress
Awen Creative
The Social Robot
Stay educated-- ours is an ever-changing market and learning for other experts in the field (through webinars, articles, blogs, and books) is the best way to gain expertise. Being the best social media marketer you can be will guarantee happy clients and effective social media campaigns!

Visit Janet Fouts's blog
Janet Fouts
Tatu Digital Media
Tatu Digital Media
Stop hyping and get to work with some real outcomes to share with your clients. It's not about numbers- the value is in connections that get results.

Visit Mike Volpe's blog
Mike Volpe
Inbound Marketing Blog
You don't go to the gym and only do curls with your right arm, you workout your whole body. Social media is only effective when combined with other marketing tools as part of an overall and comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.

Visit Chris Burdge's blog
Chris Burdge
bWEST Interactive
Get on with it...

Visit Scott Fox's blog
Scott Fox
E-Commerce Success Blog
2010 offers all of us great opportunity and if you are reading this, you are lucky to be part of a revolution. Let's make it happen!

Visit Danny Flamberg's blog
Danny Flamberg
Juice Pharma Worldwide
Manhattan Marketing Maven
Monitoring the buzz will become the rage. Agencies will scramble to license Radian6, the defacto standard content mining tool, and then display, dissect and interpret what's being said and by whom for their clients. This will yield very eager early interest, but damn few actionable or directional insights. Sentiment analysis and social media Sherpas will be the "must have" addition to the 2010 marketing arsenal.

Visit Ari Herzog's blog
Ari Herzog
Ari Herzog & Associates
Marketing and monitoring are more synonymous than different. Yet, many social media marketing firms view themselves as different than social media monitoring firms. Something to think about.

Visit Brian Solis's blog
Brian Solis
Brian Solis (blog)
Become the person who can answer your own questions. The work, research, practice, and insight gleaned in the process of getting from here to there will most likely surpass the experience of those you originally sought insight and direction.

Visit Josh Peters's blog
Josh Peters
Shua Marketing and Consulting
Don't be afraid to try new things. Failure is always an option and it's how we learn, but that's the key... learn. We are human, we will make mistakes, we will screw up, but the important thing is to be ready for that failure and know who to learn from it. Make sure you have your monitoring methods in place so you can track what's working, what's not and figure out how to do more. Also, learn when ROI applies and when it doesn't. Social media is a huge mass of tools with immense potential so don't say it only works in one place and force it to follow preconceived conventions.

Visit Ravit Lichtenberg's blog
Ravit Lichtenberg
Remember what made you great before social media, focus on people--on customers, and come up with new and refreshed ways to love the customer knowing that the possibilities will become near-limitless.

Visit Donna Maria's blog
Donna Maria
Indie Business Media
The Media Is You
2010 is the year of the small and independent business owner! Now is the time to use new technologies to share what you have to offer the world! I look forward to all of the amazing people I will meet and things I will learn this year!

Visit Maddie Grant's blog
Maddie Grant
Just that I look forward to learning even more from each other as we help organizations figure this stuff out. It's all still really exciting and I believe true evangelists for the huge potential of communication via social media will continue to rise above those who are just in it for a quick buck. It's all a continuously evolving ecosystem and I can't wait to see where we'll take it next.

Visit Alexander van Elsas's blog
Alexander van Elsas
Stop talking about social media and just start engaging with your customer. That is your job. You'll learn more from that engagement than anything you've done or assumed before about your customers.

Visit Ryan Peal's blog
Ryan Peal
Momentum Worldwide
Ideas, Imagination & Stuff (a.k.a. Ryan's View)
To all the marketers, thanks for making 2009 the year of "maybe" the year of "still not quite sure" and the year of "here's what's leftover, now use this budget to show me social media works." Here's to the start of a new decade of new opportunities.

Visit David Berkowitz's blog
David Berkowitz
Inside the Marketers Studio
Good luck. :)

Visit Samir Balwani's blog
Samir Balwani
Samir Balwani (blog)
Thanks for letting me a part of this newsletter! I'm excited to watch social media marketing grow as an industry in 2010. I hope I get a chance to work with all of you, and don't hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter.

Visit Sharlyn Lauby's blog
Sharlyn Lauby
ITM Group, Inc.
HR Bartender

Visit Mitch Joel's blog
Mitch Joel
Twist Image
Six Pixels of Separation
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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