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Sep 25, 2008 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

The first Android
First Android Phone by T-Mobile

On Tuesday T-Mobile and Google proudly unveiled the first consumer phone powered by Google's Android OS. Engadget took a long look at the feature rich offering and came away impressed with the open sourced potential but wary of the learning curve it might impose on some users. The T-mobile plan has a number of attractive free features detailed by Moconews including free email and access to the DRM friendly Amazon Music Service.

The phone quickly dialed a mobile wakeup call to online marketers according to Search Engine Watch. Assuming that about 25% of searches already have local intent, Online Marketing Performance looked at the impending growth available to the powerful Android with the ability to know where it is at any time. Given an open platform free of licensing fees, Social Web predicted a mass market future with Android running on less expensive handsets that would then fuel a new wave of mobile social networking applications.

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Yahoo doesn't miss a beat
Yahoo Music

Paddling as fast as it can against a tide of bad press, Yahoo announced some significant advances this week. First, they described their plans for a redesigned home page which All Things Digital reviewed and described as an open and widget friendly format. Marketing Shift detailed Yahoo's process for collecting user input with a prediction that it will probably result in a page that gravitates towards social media and away from search.

They also teamed with Rhapsody to offer full length music tracks directly from their search results. Search Engine Journal welcomed the soundtrack and felt that the 25 track limitation might encourage some additional Rhapsody premium accounts.

Finally on Wednesday Yahoo announced the launch of their new ad platform, APT (the previous name of AMP encountered trademark issues). The emphasis is on targeting and ease of use and seemed focused on the online newspaper industry as described by eBrandz. The network has cross selling capabilities allowing publishers to exchange inventory, a feature that Lies, Dammed Lies felt could allow for a much needed revenue improvement.

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Tweeting a new look

Facebook and FriendFeed are sporting new looks and Twitter's system failures have been in check lately so it was apparently time for a facelift. Rotorblog described Twitter's redesign as being largely cosmetic but comforting nonetheless. Webware pointed out that the technologically challenged Twitter was now using Ajax to cut bandwidth and increase refresh time.

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Tools: New and/or improved

Radar Screen: Yotify attempts to build a better alert system

Yotify will use advanced 'scouts' that will 'work for you' by searching for new uses of your keywords across blogs and news posts. It can be used by shoppers and can be shared across groups.

  • Yotify Launches Its 'Google Alerts On Steroids' (TechCrunch)
  • Concierge-Style Search Service Yotify Launches (Mashable)
  • Stop Searching The Web - Let Yotify Do It For You (ReadWriteWeb)
  • Yotify takes too much work (Webware)
  • Yotify Canít Really Notify - Yet (Cloud Ave)


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