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Oct 30, 2008 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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Move over, Facebook -- LinkedIn now has its own applications
LinkedIn now offers 3rd party apps, similar to Facebook

On Tuesday LinkedIn officially launched its own application platform, granting select third party developers access to the estimated 30 million users of the business social network. The Social Web posted a description of the profile/resume enhancers and collaboration tools that dominate the first round of apps. LinkedIn had sometimes been characterized as being overly spartan to the point of becoming a glorified address book but Chris Brogan's blog was now buzzing with ideas from excited LinkedIn users.

Overall, bloggers gave the platform high marks. RotorBlog and ReadWriteWeb felt that LinkedIn's gradual approach had resulted in an initial set of apps that were highly useful and well targeted. Forrester's Jeremiah Owyang took a wider view and saw LinkedIn playing a bigger role as a SaaS product helping to break down the corporate firewall and offering huge improvements over intranet based products.


Does Yahoo finally have something to shout about?
A turnaround for Yahoo in sight?

The Bloomberg news service has reported that Yahoo actually saw an increase in its Comscore share of search last month. Bloggers are often skeptical of Comscore data but in this instance they are taking note. Search Engine Journal speculated that Yahoo was well positioned to benefit from the economic crisis and the election due to its solid finance and news offerings. All Things Digital offered a similar sentiment but others gave Yahoo's recent efforts more credit for the upswing. TechCrunch was quick to speak of a movement to open its architecture and a migration towards a social networking platform as possible reasons for a resurgent Yahoo.


Tools: New and/or improved

New directions: Search marketing

Radar Screen: Web based media center Radus

Radus has launched as a web based media center that can aggregate RSS, video, photos and music into a slick and consistent user experience. Whether that is a necessary or even a good thing remains subject to debate but there seems to be a consensus that Radus is an impressive product.

  • Radus is a Media Center in Your Browser (Mashable)
  • Radus: Subverting the browser paradigm (Webware)
  • RADUS Debuts Slick Application For Consuming And Discovering Online Content (TechCrunch)
  • All Your Site Are Belong To Radus (Podcasting News)
  • New Media Hub RADUS Enables You to Search All Types of Media across PC, Mobile & Social Networking Sites (Alt Search Engines)


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