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Most Useful Online Marketing Posts of 2008

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The year's favorite topic was the potential of social networks but search marketing was still where most people placed their budgets and their faith. Advances in usability testing resulted in higher conversions and email showed one of the highest ROIs despite serious deliverability problems. Web analytics bravely attempted to stay on top of it all, often for free. Here are the most useful and popular posts of the year. Click on the tabs above to see the full list from each category.

Search Marketing Top 10

  1. The Secret to Making Every Link Count For Your SEO Rankings (Winning the Web)
  2. Free Keyword Research Tools - the Ultimate Guide (Search Engine Journal)
  3. 10 Most Basic SEO Copywriting Rules (SEOptimise)
  4. 25 Pay Per Click Survival Tips (Palmer Webmarketing)
  5. 5 Ways to Improve Your Site's Architecture for SEO (Blueliner)
  6. 7 Must-Have, Lesser-Known Tools for Search Marketers (Find Resolution)
  7. 8 Steps to a Successful SEO Campaign: Establishing a Social Media Presence (Raven SEO)
  8. How to Take the Guesswork Out of Keyword Selection (WebProNews)
  9. Free SEO Tool Ranks Your Website Against Competitors (BIG Marketing)
  10. Google Shares 5 Vital SEO Tips (Ineedhits)
see the complete Search Marketing list

Social Networks Top 10

  1. 50 Ways Marketers Can use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing (Chris Brogan)
  2. How To Attract Traffic From Social Bookmarking (Social Media Journal)
  3. The 7 Must-Haves In Your Social Media Strategy (Marketing Profs)
  4. 8 More Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without (Marketing Pilgrim)
  5. 5 Social Media Tools You Don’t Know About, Yet (ignite)
  6. 3 Ways To Utilize Google Friend Connect (Bwana)
  7. Top 5 Twitter Marketing Tools (PushON)
  8. How to use Facebook as an effective business tactic (Buzznetworker)
  9. How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn (Mashable)
  10. Five Ways to Use Social Media to Reach People Who Don't Use Social Media (ReadWrite Web)
see the complete Social Networks list

eMail Top 10

  1. Three Things You Can Do for Free to Boost Your Deliverability (BeRelevant)
  2. 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your HTML Emails (Nettuts)
  3. Email Segmentation: Easily Target Customers (AWeber)
  4. Top 5 Mistakes that Email Senders Make in Scheduling their Mailings (Be Relevant)
  5. 6 Social Networking Tactics for Email Marketers (Aweber)
  6. 7 Tips for Your Welcome Emails (BeRelevant)
  7. 3 Email Content Tips to Get Readers Back (Email Marketing Journal)
  8. Always Have Smooth Landings with the Landing Page Checklist (eMail Experience)
  9. Improved Email Click-Through Tracking Using Query Strings (Anything Goes)
  10. 9 Tips for Your Transactional Emails (BeRelevant)
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Usability Top 10

  1. 50 Inspirational E-Commerce Website Designs (Vandelay)
  2. 9 Ecommerce Innovations Worth Testing On Your Own Site (Future Now)
  3. Designer, Test Thyself - Five-Second Usability Tests (Closed Loop)
  4. Make Your Web Site Sticky - 10 Ideas (Conversation Agent)
  5. 7 Ways to Lower Your Home Page Bounce Rate (Conversation Marketing)
  6. How to Analyze and Improve the ‘Bounce Rate’ for Your Website (Dosh Dosh)
  7. 25 Examples Of Clean, Effective And Beautiful Web Design (Future Buzz)
  8. 5 Tips for Getting E-Shoppers to Click on 'Buy' (eCommerce Times)
  9. Increase Conversion Rates by Picking the Right Pictures (Invesp)
  10. 10 Secrets to Increasing Landing Page Conversion (PPC-Advice)
see the complete Usability list

Analytics Top 10

  1. The Ultimate Web Analytics Data Reconciliation Checklist (Occam’s Razor)
  2. A Web Analytics Checklist for B2B Search Engine Marketing Programs (Komarketing)
  3. Tracking your Backlinks with Free Internal Analytics Tools (Search Engine Journal)
  4. Highlighting The New Google Analytics Release (searchnewz)
  5. Troubleshooting Tools for Web Analytics (Advanced Web Metrics)
  6. A deeper look at Advanced Segmentation: filtering on the fly (Google Analytics Blog)
  7. Tracking Email with Google Analytics (Analytics Talk)
  8. Google Analytics Profiles and Filters Part 1: The Must-Haves (Closed Loop)
  9. Superadvanced Google Analytics Reporting for AdWords (Fuel Interactive)
  10. Beyond the Dashboard: 5 Tips for Data Diving in Google Analytics (Future Now)
see the complete Analytics list

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