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Jan 22, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

The White House will now dispense democracy 140 characters at a time was relaunched a few seconds after Presidential power was transferred on Tuesday. In the eyes of many (but not all) bloggers the fourteen year old site jumped from being a follower to becoming a leader in the use of web based communications and influence. ReadWriteWeb looked at the history of the site and how it has reflected good, bad and ugly web thinking over the years. Tech News World summarized the site's new features and deemed the effort 'a good start'. On an official level, Macon Philips (Obama's Director of New Media [LinkedIn]) used the first ever White House blog post to take a Web2.Oath of communication, transparency and participation.

Tim O'Reilly had several good things to say about the new President's site while Dave Winer felt that the effort should do more to educate as well as to interact. Meanwhile, on a more technical (and perhaps comfortable) level, Vanessa Fox liked the new robot.txt file but felt that SEO change was still needed in the use of alt tags, meta descriptions and 301 redirects.


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