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Feb 12, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

The new Facebook API - friend or follow?
Marketers can gain status with the new Facebook API

70% of the people who use Twitter almost never visit Instead they serve their addiction through desktop clients and a multitude of online services that rely on Twitter's talented but finicky API. This week, Facebook announced that they were changing their own API with an unmistakable bend towards providing open Twitteresque status updates. All Facebook welcomed these changes and praised some news aggregation enhancements as well. They even outlined a plan for using the new API as a Twitter killer. Inside Facebook explained why marketers are now likely to step up their efforts to engineer apps that gain access to Facebook users.

The 'Twitter killer' meme, however, quickly lost steam. Venture Beat differentiated between Twitter and Facebook status updates from the user viewpoint and felt that there was enough room for everyone. TechCrunch seemed to agree that 'friend vs follow' had created a culture gap between Facebook and Twitter, unleapable by any API change. Twitter's passionate user base, according to PR 2.0 will likely keep their oft fragmented discussion going for a long time to come.


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