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  May 20 2010 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Zynga went so far as to build Farmville.com

Farm Credits

The Euro wasn't the only world currency desparately fighting for stability this week. The prospects for the 'Facebook Credit' improved dramatically on Tuesday when Facebook signed a five year truce with game maker Zynga. To put matters into perspective, the Euro is used by 26 countries and 326 million people. The Facebook Credit is used by Facebook which has close to 500 million users.

Gigaom described the importance of the Credit to Facebook's profitability and the difficulty of demanding a 30% cut from other developers if Zynga had walked. The blog All Facebook seemed ready to declare Zynga the winner in the high stakes game in which Facebook was forced to blink. The importance of social gaming to Facebook is undeniable and Zynga produces six of their top ten games. The Zynga/Facebook forced marriage remains somewhat unique. Most Facebook users would not be surprised to learn that Zynga's constant enticements to play Farmville and Mafia Wars have reportedly made it Facebook's biggest advertiser as well.

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