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  May 24 2012 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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This is the May 24 2012 edition of Who's Blogging What, a newsletter that closely monitors 1,100 top web marketing blogs for online professionals involved in social media, search marketing, email, user experience and web analytics. Subscribers are updated with highlights and useful new links every Thursday. If you would like to be kept up to date you may enter your email address in the box at the right.

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Google attempts a reawakening of search (video)

Having the last Graph

Data engineers frequently use the term 'graph' to describe relationships, but web marketers must now relate to dueling graphs representing social and search as traffic generating channels. Facebook began with the 'social graph' and used Open Graph as the official term for their API that allows sites to bring the user's Friends with them as they surf.

This week Google came back with the Knowledge Graph to make their case that search is still the web's killer app. PC World provided a good rundown of the new features, semantic efforts that the unofficial Google System blog labeled as Googlepedia. 360i provided 4 key takeaways for marketers but nobody seemed to have a good sense of how the changes would affect SEO and Google exposure. The Knowledge Graph tries to provide a direct answer for a user's query and is similar to the Snapshot column that Bing is about to add. The blog Googling Google pointed out that, coupled with their recent privacy changes, Google can now tailor search based on everything they know about you and while they don't really don't know who your friends are they do have a network of other people who have made similar searches.


Late Wednesday Yahoo announced a new mobile browser app named Axis that got surprisingly good reviews. Axis functions as a Safari skin on iOS devices and as a desktop plug-in (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) that allows users to easily sync their bookmarks and recent activity across devices. Search Engine Land provided the details andReadWriteWeb looked at the good and the bad of the significant new product. Perhaps, if it had been developed by Facebook instead of Yahoo, there would be less reason to apologize to investors for a lacking mobile strategy.

How low speed kills good marketing

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Google has been emphatic abount one thing: A positive user experience relies on a speedy web site. Extensive end user research confirms that consumers will abandon websites and go elsewhere after only three seconds of waiting. This report looks at how decreasing the time it takes to get customers interacting with your website can increase engagement, response, and conversion. In this report, you'll find:

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