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  Jun 28 2012 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Google looks to the future

Googling Hardware

This week Google demonstrated their belief that companies who produce operating systems should also manufacture some of the devices that use them. The most immediate example is the Nexus 7, a tablet that is perhaps closer to the Kindle Fire than it is to the iPad. PC World offered a good hands on assessment of the new device and, like many other reviewers, bemoaned the lack of an external storage slot and a rear facing camera. They also offered a comparison showing how the Google tablet compares to the Kindle and other common Android tablets. Microsoft also announced a tablet this week and Open Forum published a timely guide on the marketing implications of tablet usage, 74% of which occurs at home.

Next came a somewhat surprising orb called the Nexus Q and described as “the world's first social streaming media player”. Cnet published one of the first reviews of the device that can make home media more social, as long as your friends and family use Android.

The demonstration that got, by far, the most attention was Project Glass, when skydivers wore the glasses as they landed on the roof of the convention center and then rode bicycles onto the stage. Techcrunch described the controversial head gear as 'the future of Google' but Venture Beat voiced the resistance (probably futile) to a device that many people first saw worn by Borgs on Star Trek.

While they did not announce a new phone there is a new Android upgrade called Jelly Bean, which Engadget reviewed as a system that will build upon Google's recent social and semantic efforts, delivered by a Siri like voice assistant who can even take dictation offline.

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