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  Nov 15 2012 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Small Business Underpinning


Up until yesterday Pinterest was technically limited to 'personal, non-commercial use'. Wednesday's announcement of an official business classification has removed the technicality but didn't add very much in the way of business functionality. The 360i blog published a guide to the new features and Portent went into more detail on the business verification process, which was originally announced three weeks ago and repeated on Wednesday.

With no real shiny new marketing toys, Venture Beat wrote about the real significance of the announcement - Pinterest is taking a first step by asking businesses to identify themselves. While there are (as yet) no major benefits for the businesses, at least Pinterest will know which accounts are businesses, what type of business they are in and they'll have the name of a contact person. The rest will have to wait, although Pinterest did offer some hints by publishing a list of 'what works' for businesses on Pinterest, who will probably have to wait until 2013 to pin down new features that can increase their presence. Right now they're just being asked to get in line.

Brand Building Through
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According to a 2011 study, 84 percent of global brand executives felt that their brand's social media programs were not up to world class standards. Today more companies, whether they are B2B or B2C, start-up or enterprise, are integrating social media into their overall marketing plans and dedicating a line in their budgets for key resources like monitoring tools and community managers. Their goal is to take advantage of the incredible opportunities available in the social space, like lead and sales generation, real-time customer service and the opportunity to identify and work with brand evangelists.

It's a simple fact: tapping into the vast network of social influencers will help you sell more of your products or services. Here are 8 tips from Sysomos to help build your brand through social media .

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Social Media Brand Building
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