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  Jun 6 2013 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Pheed time?

Is Pheed next?

Even Wall Street is starting to notice that teenagers are quickly finding alternatives to Facebook. One of the most popular over the past few months has been Pheed, which launched primarily as an iOS app but recently moved to Android as well as the web. Users on Pheed have their own 'channel' on which they can share text, images, video and audio. Mashable did a walk through with screen shots showing how Pheed works.

Pheed has advanced video capabilities including PPV and live streaming options, making it very popular with content providers. Rolling Stone has written about the excitement that Pheed is bringing to the music world. Other business uses are slowly emerging and Likeable has documented three ways, with examples of how Pheed can be used to amplify a brand.

The Complete Guide To Social Infrastructure

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Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have taken the defining elements of social networks - identity, social graph, communication - and have made them available for websites and mobile applications to integrate into a consistent user experience. Marketers now have a way to create immersive social experiences across their various digital channels. These businesses are discovering that enabling users to leverage their online social identity encourages them to stick around longer, invite others to join them, and ultimately drive revenue.

Download this guide for a review of the components that make up Social Infrastructure, as well as best practices for integrating those components into your web properties. Social media has changed the field for marketing, having a social infrastructure is now essential,

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Social Infrastructure

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