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  Jul 11 2013 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Search has begun

Facebook's search has just begun

Facebook announced the rollout of its Graph Search this week along with some indications that it isn't yet where they'd like it to be. The beta designation is still there and Facebook seems somewhat apologetic that users cannot search the text of posts and comments or conduct a mobile Graph Search. Business Insider provided a walkthrough of how Graph Search now works to help users discover things like restaurants, movies and music. The changes that Facebook implemented since the initial test in January were analyzed in some detail by Search Engine Land and MediaWhiz pragmatically listed some steps that marketers should be taking to get the best leverage out of Open Graph.

Graph Search is obviously a work in progress. The NY Times Bits blog rather harshly summarized several of the current limitations of a structured system that relies largely on people saying that they 'Like' something. It doesn't stand up well to the more intuitive and nuanced processes of searching on Google or Bing. One inevitable result of Graph Search will be a privacy backlash from Facebook users. Business Insider published the steps that users need to opt-out; all thirteen of them.

The New Sales Process Map
How social and other factors create new paths to revenue

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This important new asset from Salesforce creates a step-by-step guide to attracting prospects, qualifying leads and closing revenue faster. It includes a detailed map of how social channels can be optimized for the revenue process.

Download the full map for an interesting visual look at today's sales process and to get a look at the clear paths to revenue being uncovered by social media and other changes in a connected world.

This report is provided courtesy of Salesforce,

The Salesforce Salesmap

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