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  Mar 5 2015  - Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Some new resources

Dear WBW subscribers,
With no major news to report this week, we wanted to let you know about some new digital marketing resources that we are experimenting with. First up, we went through the aggregate click patterns from the past year to determine the specific marketing developments that generate the greatest interest and the blogs that cover them best. When marketing opportunities arise, these are the blogs that will react quickly and energetically to bring you the information and strategies you need. Here they are by topic; worth a click and feel free to share:


We'll continue to work hard to help keep you the most informed marketers around. Thanks for your interest in our newsletter.

-Jeff Ente   

The most useful posts of the week
Social Media

The Amazingly Effective Email Guide

Email Guide Download The Guide Here

This guide will give you five tips for more successful - and more profitable - email campaigns, including: How to increase engagement with responsive design, tips for better email personalization, ideas for effective trigger emails, effective ways to integrate with social media, and more.

Download the guide for the 5 point checklist designed to keep your marketing emails timely, interesting, and directly relevant to your target audience to maintain engagement.

This ebook is provided courtesy of Act-On.


Search Marketing

User Experience

Email Marketing


Radar Screen

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