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  May 14 2015  - Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Instant Articles

Instant Articles

On Tuesday Facebook added an entirely new dimension to the term “News Feed”. The announcement of Instant Articles is both a turning point in mobile content delivery and a return to Facebook's roots as a walled community. A pilot group of nine publishers will be able to adapt very rich content to be served from Facebook's servers into its iOS app. The NYT Bits Blog (part of the nine) described the user experience of Instant Articles and Facebook published their own FAQ as a pdf file. Examples of the first Instant Articles were collected by Digiday.

Facebook's motivation is to improve user experience (faster and richer content) but primarily it wants to keep users in its app instead of leaving for the external publishers. For their part, the publishers wish to accommodate and perhaps grow their Facebook delivered audiences (over the weekend TechCrunch reported on Facebook's new in app search engine that could become a discovery tool for Instant Access articles).

Publishers can either sell their own advertising or pay Facebook a 30% sales commission. The blog Ad Exchanger surveyed the early advertising strategies of the launch publishers and WSJ Digits published the specs and rules for the advertising that Instant Articles will support.

The big social networks and Google all seem to be migrating from content discovery to delivery. ReadWrite spoke about the growing trend of walled gardens where the huge traffic drivers are trying to keep users on their own sites/apps rather than sending eyeballs elsewhere.

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