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Google I/O

The next billion

“The first billion users of the Internet came online through desktops. The next billion are taking a different path to computing” is the rationale that Google offered for a number of projects announced or previewed yesterday at their annual I/O developer's Conference. The projects getting the most attention are (1) Android M for the phone/tablet, wrist, car and home television, (2) Brillo for everything else in the internet of things, (3) Android Pay for transactions and (4) Jump, a virtual reality ecosystem. Venture Beat published the complete announcement list and Ad Age compared Google's efforts to those of Apple and Facebook.

Android M will offer a significant user experience upgrade via “Now On Tap”, which will deliver information to the user without forcing them out of an app (for example to see a menu for a restaurant suggested via text). PC World described the rest of the features promised in Android M and Android Pay, including the user ability to selectively decline app permission requests.

Mashable published a good explanation of Brillo, which builds upon the technology that Google acquired through their purchase of Nest and is comparable to Apple's HomeKit.

Jump represents Google's planning for an immersive but pragmatic user experience. The Verge detailed the elements of Jump's reality, which relies on the popular Cardboard viewer and is already supported by YouTube.

There was one last announcement of interest to social marketers. A new service will offer unlimited photo storage and is completely separate from Google+. The NextWeb explained the confirmation of Google+'s new positioning as a place to connect people through common interests without all the frills that Facebook offers.

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