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Allo, with Assistant

Allo and Assistant

Google launched its messenger platform Allo on Tuesday, a project that Ad Age noted as a high priority for CEO Sundar Pichai. Along with Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri, Google is planning for a world where users get their information by talking to their devices. Along with Facebook Messenger, Google wants them to accomplish as much as possible without having to leave the messenger platform.

Business Insider provided a rundown of how Allow will work, including the requisite Snapchat-esque features along with a considerable amount of AI. If Allo detects a Yes/No question it will provide checkboxes for the answer, it will customize the options into something like Yup/Nope if that is how the user commonly answers.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Allo is that it contains the debut of a 'preview version' of Google Assistant, a critically important project that attempts to offer all of Google in a natural language mobile interface. It can provide search, maps, translations and can read/manage Gmail.

The biggest challenge for Allo will be in acquiring the critical mass of users that makes a messenger app viable. So far, it is getting poor reviews for its clumsy interface with SMS, an essential way to get the message out that there is a new platform in town.

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