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LinkedIn Lead Gen (video)

LinkedIn Lead Gen

“Lead ads” are supposed to solve one of social media marketing's most vexing problems -- users are increasingly mobile and they don't want to fill out a landing page on a hand held device. This drove Facebook to announce “Lead Ads” in October 2015, hosting and pre-populating a mobile friendly landing page for advertisers. Twitter soon followed but killed off their Lead Gen Cards in December 2016. On Tuesday LinkedIn announced their own version promising unique benefits for B2B marketers.

Social Media Today provided a rundown of How LinkedIn's Lead Gen Forms will work and AdExchanger explained LinkedIn's strategy of proving their value on a CPL basis despite their reputation of expensive CPC. Illustrating the CRM potential, Oracle Eloqua was the first to update their app to show how LinkedIn leads can be integrated into a comprehensive CRM program.


Artificial intelligence became a bit more real for social media marketers yesterday when Facebook announced that their virtual assistant “M” would start making its own suggestions to Messenger users. When M was launched a year ago it consisted of human assistants who were watched closed by an AI learning system. Now the humans have been taken out of the loop and M is ready to coordinate plans, effect payments, arrange a ride or create a poll if its human users can't make up their minds. The blog Pocket Lint explained how M works and the changes that its new AI overlords might bring.

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