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Facebook f8 had a lot to like

The power of F8

The Facebook F8 Developer Conference that ended yesterday didn't provide a trove of immediate opportunities for marketers but it is the best source for directional guidance on the future of social media as Facebook sees it.

The overall themes should sound familiar and evolutionary. The emphasis from images to video to enhanced video now moves into augmented and virtual realities. Facebook's long term goal of creating an environment that users never need to leave seems to have a modified objective - now users should never have to leave Messenger because of an enhanced bot ecosystem. To move things along Facebook announced that third party apps would be able to track their users in Messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg seemed most enthused about the Facebook camera becoming an augmented reality platform, opening up the AR toolkit to outside developers.

Facebook also provided a glimpse into the secretive agenda of “Building 8” which include technologies allowing people to type with their brains and listen with their skin. Back on planet earth, Buffer listed ten of the major announcements and what marketers need to know about them.

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